Year 7 students and their teachers took part in a mini rugby tournament to give a grand finale to a fantastic first term of Physical Education on the part of our students.

Some of the students from the two groups of secondary education came face to face with a select group of Secondary teachers, among them Lydia (Arts), Tom (History), Paula (Spanish and Galician), Faye (Science), James (Y3 tutor) and Mauro (P.E.). Mr Horstead, who was the referee, demonstrated his wide experience in this sporting discipline.

Among the aims of the tournament was to promote sports among students, as well as a good-nature rivalry, respecting the rules, their opponents and especially, the referee. The activity sought to encourage a more informal and relaxed interaction among teachers and students.

The matches were hard fought, but the match against Y7A ended with a tight victory for the teachers, who won 3-2 and the match against Y7B was tied at three.

Congratulations to all of you for participating!

24 / 01 / 17