The artworks created by Year 7 and Year 8 Art students during the previous academic year are now being temporarily displayed at O Castro British School conference room.

Our students experimented with different techniques. Still life allowed them to work with their own creations and deepen their knowledge of shading technique with pencil. M.C. Escher tessellations inspired them to draw their own tessellations. Mixed techniques—pastel¬, wax crayon, ink, charcoal and coloured pencils—were applied in order to create their cubist works. Perspective technique was used for drawing urban landscapes.

In spite of the brilliant quality of all the works, two students, Nuria and Carmen —currently in Year 9 and Year 8, respectively—received an “outstanding artist” certificate issued by their teacher, Ms Dawn Main. Congratulations to all our artists!

18 / 09 / 15