Carlota de Castro Torrón, Year 6 student, has been named the winner of the 2016 Odysseus European Youth Space Contest. This award confirms that this O Castro British School student has a promising future in the world of research and science.

Our student, who was taken by surprise by the news, admits she is surprised but grateful for the recognition of her work. The project, winner in the Senior Skywalker category, was entitled ‘Los Planetas’ [The Planets] and was a model of the space, the solar system and the planets, which also included a summary description of the project.

For building this model, our young student used her imagination and creativity. She used expanded polystyrene, CDs for representing the planets, construction paper and crayons. She also counted on the help of her teacher, Eva Cacabelos, and the support of her parents, to whom the award is dedicated.

Huge congratulations, Carlota! Enjoy your well-deserved prize!

05 / 10 / 16