Last Thursday our Year 5 students attended an anatomy class taught by an outstanding teacher, Dr. Miguel Cañizares, Head of the Thoracic Surgery Service in Vigo and a valued member of our School Community.

Dr. Cañizares kindly shared his time and good work with teachers and students of the school.

For a little over an hour, Year 5 students did not lose details of anything that was going on in the classroom: organs of the respiratory system, connection between lungs and heart, breathing mechanism….

And, as the Doctor is very aware, an image is worth a thousand words… therefore he delighted children and adults with a practical lesson on pulmonary ventilation we will never foget! A lung model that our students were allowed to manipulate with great joy! Is there a better way to understand how air comes in and out our lungs?

Thank you so much Miguel for sharing your time and knowledge with us! We sincerely hope this is just the beginning of many more presentations yet to come!

29 / 11 / 14