Last Thursday students from Year 2 visited the “Museo do Mar de Galicia”, Museum of the Sea, in Vigo.

The museum, which has one of the most comprehensive permanent exhibitions in this city, is the perfect place to learn about Vigo’s maritime history: fishing, seafood, aquaculture and conservation, from the primitive salting to the modern freezing methods, as well as technical advances regarding boats and marine biology.

For an hour and a half our students learnt the different ways used by humans to conquer the underwater world during history, diving techniques, already used by Romans, and how they evolved over time.

Children had the opportunity to see the skeleton of a sperm whale and participate in a “whale hunt”. In the museum´s aquarium they saw the main ecosystems found in the Museum´s own dock and the steep coast of the “Islas Cíes”, Cies Islands.

14 / 03 / 14