Our Year 5 students have recently had some leisure and fun days out at Centro de Inmersión Lingüística Os Peares. The linguistic immersion centre is located in the very heart of Ribeira Sacra, at a point where the Miño and Sil rivers converge. There, our students were able to carry our several cultural and sporting activities.

Our students visited San Estevo Monastery and went on a 3-km-hike through Penedos de Castro, a hiking trail surrounded by oaks and chestnut trees.

In addition, they carried out a lot of fun outdoor activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, rappelling, knot tying, archery, slacklining, music games, painting, theatre, charades or geocaching, among others.

What an adventure for our Year 5 students!

01 / 06 / 17