Y2 and Y3 have also celebrated a fun and emotional festival to say goodbye to the school year. Through their performances, our students wanted to show their families everything they have learnt and enjoyed throughout the year.

Y2 “went on” an amazingly complete trip around the world. Japan, Turkey, Ireland, Scotland, the warm Caribbean Islands or the Far East were some of the places our students “visited”. They went through the different cultures and traditions from these fantastic places.

On the other hand, Y3 wanted to share this school year’s memories. They created a very original staging by turning the school gym into a television studio. The show started with an incredible choreography for the Song “Can’t stop the feeling”, from the film Trolls.

Afterwards, 3A recited a poem by Michael Rosen entitled “Do not”. Next, 3B chose a text by Tony Mitton entitled “Instructions for Growing Poetry”. 3C recited their own poem about some of the moments lived throughout this school year.

Last but not least, all Y3 students sang and danced the Spanish rap song “Se buscan valientes”, which stresses the importance of being a good friend and acting against bullying.

Happy summer Y2 and Y3!

03 / 07 / 17