O Castro Primary team wins the 1st WWF Quiz

Last January, Primary students from O Castro British School were proclaimed winners of the first Biodiversity 2021 Quiz promoted by Globeducate through its collaboration with WWF, in which 19 schools from Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Portugal took part. A great opportunity for O Castro students, who were able to connect with students from different countries to address some of the environmental challenges we face and gain awareness on how to deal with them.

In the words of the Eco-Schools Programme Coordinator, Alice Fern, these types of initiatives provide unique opportunities to inspire and engage students. “They worked on very important skills such as teamwork, even under pressure, as well as the ability to agree on a joint response as a group,” she says.
“These kinds of events allow our students to develop skills that will enable them to stand out from the crowd, which is essential to becoming a successful global citizen in an increasingly interconnected and complex world,” adds Ms Ferns.

For the winning team, it was an unforgettable experience, but above all, an exciting challenge: “It was a lot of fun to connect with many people from other parts of the world and work as a team to figure out the answer”. they recall. They also underline the challenge of trying not to make any mistakes in front of everyone. A challenge they faced with tenacity and for which they were rewarded with the first prize in Primary category.

08 / 02 / 21