Volunteering of Secondary students at the Virgen de Guadalupe residence

Year 8 students of O Castro British School have been volunteering since last September at the Virgen de Guadalupe residence in Mos. This volunteering, which is part of the subject of PSHE (Personal, Social and Emotional Education)consists of weekly visits to the users of the residence, in which they share part of their time, reading them or doing different activities and games.

Education in Values is one of the core principles of the school for the academic, social and personal development of its students in all educational stages. Academic excellence is inseparable from personal excellence. For this reason, from the first years, students are encouraged to understand the meaning of fundamental values such as perseverance, respect, solidarity, empathy and respect, for themselves and for others.

Behind this initiative you can find the conviction that many times we focus on great challenges and save the world, when we have people who really need us and we have a very positive impact, giving them only a little bit of our time.

A big thank you to our Art Teacher, Lydia Adelin, for her wonderful photos!

07 / 12 / 18