Our Team

Our staff is comprised of almost one hundred highly qualified professionals who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping our students acquire the intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills that they need to become confident and accomplished learners. We focus on the individual, ensuring that every child receives the support that they need to achieve their full academic and personal potential, assisted where necessary by our Educational Psychology and Student Guidance Departments.

We employ more than fifty native English-speaking teachers with teaching experience in a variety of different countries and with proven international credentials, all focused on providing our students with an excellent education. The dedication and enthusiasm of our staff is prevalent at every stage of your child’s education; in addition to the transmission of knowledge, our teachers encourage students to become curious, proactive, creative and compassionate individuals.

Our Management Team

  • Founder: Mª Carmen Vázquez González
  • Head Teacher: Mr Nathan Parry
  • Deputy Head Teacher Primary: Mr Keith Bailey
  • Deputy Head teacher Secondary: Mr Duncan Hill
  • Assistant Head Teacher Spanish Department: Ms Maria Guyre
  • Assistant Head Teacher Inclusion: Ms Loli Pazos
  • Co-ordinator Early Years Foundation: Ms Vanessa Farnham
  • Co-ordinator KS1: Mr Keith Bailey
  • Co-ordinator Lower KS2: Ms Sarah Hill
  • Co-ordinator Upper KS2: Mr Leigh Davis
  • Co-ordinator KS3: Mr Joe Pedreira
  • Co-ordinator KS4: Mr Mike Cox
  • Co-ordinator KS5: Mr Duncan Hill
  • Co-ordinator ECAs: Mr Mauro Gonzalez
  • Examinations Officer: Ms Faye Sweeney

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