Our first promotion obtain an average mark of 11.5 for access to University

The first graduating class of O Castro British School obtains exceptional results in the University entrance exams, with an average mark of 11.5 points out of 14, and presenting all of its students.

These academic results confirm not only the quality of the educational project of the first British school in the city -and the only one to teach all the educational stages, from 3 to 18 years- but also the excellent level with which our students finish their pre-university studies, which undoubtedly opens the doors to a future full of success and opportunities.

The highest grades obtained by the students of our first promotion have been 13.2 in Science and Technologic and 13.5 in Art and Humanities, just a few tenths of the maximum score (14 points). The lowest mark obtained by this first promotion of students was 9.1.

These marks will undoubtedly open the doors of prestigious national and international universities to all of them. Among the national universities chosen by some of our students, the most important are Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the School of Medicine from Santiago de Compostela or IESIDE in Vigo. The Universities of Cardiff, Brighton, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, York, and St. Andrews are among the international destinations chosen by other students.

23 / 07 / 20