O Castro British School offers its families time extension services

In order to help our families to reconcile school hours with work hours, O Castro British School offers its students time extension services, both in the morning and in the afternoon.

For early morning families, the British school offers a morning classroom service from 7.30 am, with the possibility of also booking a breakfast service.

In the afternoons, the school offers the After School Club for all educational stages, from Nursery to Sixth Form. A supervised stay service for those students who have to stay in school but do not perform any extracurricular activity (until 5:30 p.m.). In addition, the After School Club can be extended without additional cost until 18.10 hours, a service specially designed for siblings who have activities of different duration, but available to all those who request it.

In addition, and in order to adapt to the needs of our families, the conciliation options can be arranged in a fixed or eventual way through the School Secretary.

18 / 10 / 18