The Student Council sees a new academic year out with a fantastic outcome, thanks to the great work carried out by its members. Its sole aim is to improve day by day for all the students in the school, relying on the support and direct involvement of both the PTA and O Castro British School Management Team.

Among the issues addressed in the current academic year, the members of the Student Council from Y2 , Y3 , Y4 and Y5 highlighted the problems of traffic or the new school timetable, as well as their vision of the school in ten years’ time. Among the achievements, it is noteworthy that, thanks to the Christmas cupcake sale, 600 euros were raised for an orphanage in Vigo.

We say goodbye to a year of great work with a message from the members of the School Council: “What a great year we have had in the school council! It has been a good experience meeting every month to discuss how to improve our experience in school and to represent our classes. We have all had a chance to speak and vote but thanks especially to our chairperson, secretary and timekeeper. Thanks also to the PTA and headteacher for attending some of our meetings and Leigh Tullier for supervising our meetings”.

13 / 06 / 16