O Castro British School hosted the second session of Parentschool this afternoon. The talk given by María Guyre, Technical Director, and Loli Pazos, Head of the Guidance Department, was entitled “El reto del futuro: orientación vocacional. Habilidades y pasiones” (The challenge of the future: vocational guidance. Skills and passions).

In this talk, the speakers explained to the parents the importance of vocational guidance for students throughout their academic life, mainly from Year 7 onwards, and delved into the methodology, tools and resources that the Guidance Department has at its disposal in this matter.

This series of talks, aimed at parents of the school, started last December with a talk given by David Martínez, in which the present and the future of the school were analysed after the opening of the secondary level at O Castro British School. The third and last session will take place next Friday, 29th January. The talk will be given by Nathan Parry, O Castro British School Head Teacher.

25 / 01 / 16