It is just around the corner that moment that such nerve and illusion has generated in recent weeks: the first day of school. Here are some useful recommendations for the first day in Nursery. We hope it is as simple as possible for everyone!

Saying goodbye is difficult but the longer you take, the harder it becomes. The first day of school shouldn’t be the first time it happens. Child pick up on the feelings of the adults around them. So try to show your child you are excited, not nervous, on this new adventure they are embarking on. And remember that, although for you it is the first day, it is not for our teachers.

Fatigue is very common, especially in the first days. They’ll just need a little more attention when you get home and rest for a new day! After a school day, sometimes your child will want to talk and talk about their day. Sometimes, they will say nothing. Asking specific questions can help to really find out what happened.

And, overall, remember that all children are unique and develop in different ways and at different speeds but we all get there in the end. Celebrate your child’s achievements as they happen and this will encourage them to strive to their next development goal.

Welcome to O Castro British School!

30 / 08 / 18