Nowadays we all have a lot of obligations and responsibilities and very little free time. It is because of this that we find that some parents from the school who prepared and presented different lectures to our children during science week are worthy of a special mention.


With this mention we would like to thank them.

  • Ana Matus – The five kingdoms in Nature.
  • Arturo Pérez- Serendipity and the Arquimedes’ principle.
  • Elba Fernández – Vaccines.
  • Elena Chávarri – Images of the body in 3D.
  • Eva Muñóz – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Skeleton and organs.
  • Federico Bertólez – Geogebra, interactive geometry.
  • Fernando Soto – Eye, lung and heart dissection. Skeleton and organs.
  • Karina Álvarez – Brushing and taking care of your teeth.
  • Marián Pérez – Serendipity and the Arquimedes’ principle.
  • Maruxa Álvarez – The color of flowers. The age of trees. Animal adaptation..
  • Mariano Lastra – Introduction to biological oceanography.
  • Olga Villar – Eating, the recommended daily allowance.
  • Rafael Alonso – Practical demonstration of a solar Kitchen.
  • Rosa Fernández-Montenegro – Science in the Spanish Constitution.

Thank you all very much for your contribution.

We also take the opportunity to thank all the Science Fair volunteers who worked in a selfless manner on Saturday so that we could all enjoy this marvellous event.

Best regards,


22 / 03 / 15