“When I had to choose a school for my children, the first thing I did was get interested in the OCBS educational project, which fits perfectly with what I was looking for. It has been five years since my eldest daughter started school, and I would like to highlight some things that only reaffirm the right election that I have made for my children.

 In addition to some really brilliant teachers, Early Years stands out for its commitment to personalized, creative and fun learning for children. The classrooms are perfect for the development of psychomotor skills, spatial movement and vision and early learning. And over time you can check the coherence of the educational project between Early Years and KS1: children do not notice a radical change, which favours their motivation to continue learning.

Both in the classroom and at home, children’s work is focused on investigating their curiosity and learning. It is a very positive, easy and dynamic process for them.

In addition, the participation of parents and families in the school in many projects -such as Science Week, Sports Day, Hope Campaign- makes family and teachers allies in a common project as important as the education of our children, since the the best way to learn is to share concepts, values ​​and perceptions between both parties.”

22 / 11 / 18