“O Castro takes us on journeys that help us discover things about ourselves, each other and the world around us. I am a teacher in my fourth year in Year 3, Coordinator and also a mother of two children (one in Primary, the other in Secondary).

My experiences at this vibrant, progressive school have led myself and my family to experience unforgettable moments, live and learn in a stunning location and meet a diverse selection of teachers and students from around the world.

I see my own children, my class and my previous classes thriving and flourishing academically in a linguistically diverse environment. The children of O Castro are fluid and flexible thinkers, curious and ready to take the next step and eager to see where it leads them. Together staff, parents and children support each other to ensure that the students receive a unique education full of opportunities. It is a pleasure to guide the children, helping them navigate on their educational journey – The O Castro Way.”

22 / 11 / 18