“We moved to Galicia last year and our four children started school in O Castro British School. Moving from Ireland and joining a different education systems is a big transition for children at any time but it was made easier by the warm welcome from everyone in the school.

The children settled straight into the school, helped by the understanding of the teachers and by the expert delivery of the curriculum. The school gives the children a good work ethic with assignments and projects to be delivered within set timelines. This encourages self-management, independent learning and ownership of the assignments. We see improvements in concentration and we are happy with the grades they are achieving.

Learning Spanish was a concern for us particularly with our older children but with the schools assistance we feel they are progressing well.

Our kids love sport and especially music. The school has a fantastic music program with excellent facilities and a great teacher. The music room is a regular hangout for our kids whenever they have free time. They love the opportunity to try out instruments and practice with their friends.

Life for our children at O Castro is helped by the diversity of children and backgrounds at the school. They experience Spanish and Galician culture and get a great understanding of life and culture of the children from the many other parts of the world who attend the school. Our children too are delighted to bring a little bit of the Irish experience to Vigo.

On every level the O Castro experience has been a positive one for our family.”

22 / 11 / 18