“I have been in this school since I was 6 years old. I remember how small it was when it started, the oldest students were in year 2! The school has changed so much over these past years. I cannot believe that we are now actually starting our first year of the A-levels.

Last year I was able to do my IGCSE’s, it was a really stressful time because I saw how fast the time was going and how much I was going to have to study if I wanted to achieve the grades I expected. However, May also flew by and when my last exam ended I could finally breathe because everything was over and I knew that I had a long summer ahead of me where I could relax. I also remember the day our grades came out, I was really nervous and afraid of not having obtained the results I expected but when I finally saw them, I was relieved because after all my effort and dedication, I had achieved my goals.

This year I have started my A-levels and even though I know this two years are going to be really hard, I also know that with the help of my teachers and classmates I will get through them and will finally be able to finish school and access my desired university. ”

22 / 11 / 18