“A remarkable place to study at.

This school has been my home for the past 11 years. Since day 1, O Castro British School has prepared me to handle new challenges day after day, working to the best of my abilities at all times and with a constant support from all members of staff. Our school is a comprehensive community that fosters the values of British Education: a consistent apprenticeship of the pupil in the different disciplines of knowledge in order to make us develop into lifelong learners.

Its mission is to stimulate students to maximize their level of learning, being independent, disciplined and motivated at all times. For this reason, a British education has proved to me to be one of the best alternatives to prepare children for a more complex and competitive future. While other international schools tend to overwhelm pupils with more severe educational mechanisms, O Castro makes us submerge into a different system in which dedication, commitment and pursuit are the key foundations of a scheme that adapts to each of our cognitive and academic demands.

Moreover, the fact that over 70 per cent of our curriculum is imparted in English boosts our future employment potential, thus offering an ample spectrum of job opportunities as English is nowadays the language of 1500 million people worldwide. Finally, in this school, we all know that “memorising stuff” isn’t good enough to stand out, proactivity and specificity are essential skills that will only enable us to enhance with our own initiative and self-sufficiency. Believe it or not, O Castro British School is a guarantee of success.”

22 / 11 / 18