A new school year begins at O Castro British School and, again this year, the school has expanded its programme of extracurricular activities. One of the new activities is surfing, which broadens the range of sports offered to students.

Thanks to this activity, which is highly rooted in our area, our students from Y4 and Y11 will be able to enjoy such a trendy and fun sport. The lessons, which finish in June, will take place once a week for two hours at Patos beach (Nigrán). The objectives of the lessons, which will be held until next June, are the following: to provide a basic understating of surfing as a physical activity and as a sport, to pop up in foam, to paddle out and to provide a basic understating of waves, safety, dangerous areas and surf strategy.

For parents’ convenience, the activity includes a shuttle bus from the school to Patos Beach. At the end of the surfing lessons, the bus connects Patos Beach to Vigo.

19 / 09 / 17