OCBS students, finalists in the Galician Championship of Children's Padel

Last weekend, Club de Campo de Vigo hosted the second cycle of the Galician Youth Paddle Championship, a fantastic initiative supported by the Galician Federation of Paddle and promoted by the school’s padel monitor that allowed Galician children from alevin to junior categories enjoy this competition.

O Castro British School was represented in this event of base sports, with the participation of the students Lía Penela, Mía Guzmán, Martina Gagliardi, Diego Gagliardi and Nicolás Veiga, and achieving very good results!

Nicolás Veiga and his teammate reached the semi-final of the cadet category, Diego Gagliardi and his partner were Galician champions of consolation in the cadet category and Martina Gaglilardi and her partner, Galician runners-up in the children’s category.

Congratulations to everyone!

13 / 03 / 19