Last week, Early Years and KS1 students celebrated the Sport Day, a typical event in British schools, both in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. With this event, we want to put in value the weight of sport in our educational project, as well as the promotion of important values such as companionship, teamwork and personal improvement, among others.

The youngest of the school, the students of Early Years, made balance walking by Swedish banks, cartwheels, overcame a circuit of psychomotor skills, made sack races, rode a bicycle, danced and played a tough race.

KS1 students danced, completed running races and then completed a rotation of 3 minute activities such as egg and spoon, hurdles, javeling, standing long jump, football dribbling and relays.

At the end of the games, we celebrated the tradicionally medals ceremony to all the participants, delivering wonderful medals made by themselves!


*Photos by @Evgeniy Abrosimov

05 / 06 / 19