O Castro British School celebrated today the traditional Carnival fest, where all the teaching community at O Castro British School wore many funny outfits and enjoyed many different activities related to this popular festivity.

This year, to the usual celebration, a new initiative has been added leaded by the school’s Head Boys and Head Girls Enrique, Antía, Aitana y Juan, aiming to raise funds to support a local sports organization.

This campaign’s challenge: to raise 5.000 euros in order to buy wheelchairs to play basketball for the sports club AMFIV. Apart from this goal, our Head Boys and Head Girls aim to raise awareness amongst the rest of the teaching community about the importance of values like sharing and to help the AMFIV club become better known, as well as highlighting the importance of helping people with less favourable living conditions to improve our society.

After our Halloween and Christmas charity events such as the “non-uniform day” and the Charity Cup Cakes Sale, the Primary and Secondary students have already raised 1.900 euros. The next occasion to donate after Carnival will be Easter, Letras Gallegas and End of School Year.

Congratulations on your initiative and the best of luck for the rest of the campaign!


09 / 02 / 18