On 4th-5th November, O Castro British School Secondary Education Department organised a school trip to Serra do Caurel and Ribeira Sacra, two unique settings located in an unparalleled natural habitat which provides an immense biological and geological wealth.

In O Castro British School, experiences outside the school are a key part of the students’ education and learning process. During this school trip, KS3 students had the opportunity to consolidate the contents taught in class by the science, geography and Galician teachers the week before the school trip. Apart from learning concepts related to geology, history and culture, they had a great time and learnt to get along with their classmates. In spite of the heavy rain, KS3 students had fun taking part in several activities.

Wall climbing, rafting and trekking around Devesa de Rogueira, a thousand-year-old forest of unrivalled natural beauty, where the 90% of non-coastal Galician fauna and flora live.

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