Secondary education in O Castro British School closed the series of talks for Parents School 2015-2016. The first talk was given last December by the Governor of the school, David Martínez, who analysed the present and the future of the school after the implementation of Secondary Education in O Castro British School.

The talk was given by our Head Teacher, Nathan Parry, the coordinator of KS3, Paul Horstead, and the Technical Director of the Guidance Department, Maria Guyre. It also featured a special welcome to the parents from Nuria Santos González and Dario Cordeiro Piñeiro, O Castro British School Head Girl and Head Boy.

In this last talk, the three speakers made ​​an exhaustive review of secondary education in the school, the curriculum for this educational stage. Different topics were covered, from the changes that occur with respect to primary education to access to higher education for our students.

For further information, see the PDF with the full paper.

01 / 02 / 16