More than a thousand people enjoyed O Castro British School Science Fair

The first British school in Vigo and the only one in Galicia to teach the British curriculum in its entirety celebrated last Saturday the sixth edition of its Science Fair, with a new success of influx, bringing together more than a thousand people in its premises in Mos.

Science, creativity and inventiveness gathered one more year to offer a family leisure alternative for the whole family, with activities designed for both, the youngest (+ 2 years) and the older ones (+13) years). More than 15 activities to learn and enjoy as a family. Creative electronics, virtual reality, ethical hacking and cybersecurity, 3D printing workshop -in which attendees could take a keychain printed by themselves as a souvenir- or robotics, were some of the proposals.

Activities from 2 years

The youngest of the house enjoyed activities specially designed for children between 2 and 4 years old. Among them, in addition to the equestrian baptism by the horse-riding school El Alazán, they had “Building my World”, an introductory workshop to architecture in which they could play while learning to build and work their hand and spacial skills, “Painting the future”, that discovers the magical interaction between art and technology and “Illuminating the World” where they entered the world of electronics while building incredible landscapes with conductive clay.

Escapism for children

This was one of the star activities of this edition. In recent years, escapism has become a social phenomenon, but not always available for children. In the Escape Room “Trapped with Alicia”, children and adults had to free Alice from the evil Queen of Hearts, collaboratively solving the challenges and riddles that were presented to them.

Scientific thought

With “My first investigation”, children made their first scientific investigation. Through games and activities, they learned the whole process involved in a scientific investigation with “Peter”, a friend who is not quite well, and they must find out what has happened to him, if he has touched or eaten something that made him unwell.

Another great attraction was the interaction between Science and Cooking at the MasterChef Molecular workshop, which introduced the participants to this fascinating world and allowed them to prepare their first recipes as haute cuisine. Raviolis of Agar Agar with jams or the famous “false caviar” of melon developed in the Bulli and based on the realization of spheres with chemistry techniques.

27 / 03 / 19