The importance of communication as a social skill is unquestionable. For this reason, O Castro British School is offering Research, Public Speaking and Debate as an extracurricular activity to its students this year. This activity provides the opportunity to learn not only public speaking skills but also to foster skills such as creativity, empathy, research and debate.

Through this activity, our students will acquire certain skills which are considered very important and significant for their learning process: learning to learn, research skills, critical thinking, linguistic competence (both spoken and written), and last but not least: active listening as a model of respect and understanding for others.

Benefits for our students At O Castro British School we hope that our students acquire and develop skills such as improvising, analysing, organising their time, the use of the language, empathy, teamwork, the ability to work under pressure, as well as creative and cultural skills, research skills, self-criticism, and, of course, communication.

One of the most important aspects of this extracurricular activity is that students are given the opportunity to get to know themselves, to identify their resources and strengths, to understand how we learn, how we think, how our thoughts are transformed into expressions and behaviours and how we communicate them. These are some reflections that can be very useful in their day-to-day life.

Goals and Objectives This is the first year that this activity is taught at O Castro British School. Currently, a small group of students is attending this activity. They are brilliant and participate fully in classroom activities. They are eager to learn and its important to highlight their ability to respect, listen, empathise, give feedback, and work as part of a team, demonstrating a lot of initiative and expressing their opinion.

The medium/long term plans for this activity are to establish three different levels of competence: beginner, intermediate and advance groups, and participate in speech and debate tournaments. Although in Spain this activity has still a long way to go, in the Anglo-Saxon education system, public speech and debate are essential activities in order to develop a successful academic career.

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