Learning to read and write

One of the most important aspects of learning to read and write in English is the Phonics method, which is used at O Castro British School from the first school year (3 years). This method, the Phonics method, teaches the sounds of words and their relationship to how a word is spelt.
It is a global, analytical, tactile and, obviously, phonetic method, as the resources used (books) are embossed too.
There is no doubt on the importance of teaching the phonemes for the complete acquisition of the language that is intended to be mastered, not only for reading literacy but also to develop the ability to communicate in general.
For a correct acquisition of English phonetics it is essential to work on Phonics, not only in the first years of schooling (3 and 4 years), but also in the first years of the Primary stage in the British system (Year 1 and Year 2), when children are 5 and 6 years old.
In the following video you will see some of our teachers working on Phonics, also during this confinement!

03 / 06 / 20