WWF Our Planet ́s Future Summit

Given the COVID-19 situation, Globeducate in partnership with the WWF liaised to produced an online summit to debate the future of Planet Earth. Six schools took part each representing a key biome that is in danger: Ágora Sant Cugat International School (Jungles); Ágora Lledó International School (Forests); O Castro British School (Freshwater); Rome International School (Frozen World); Southlands International School (Grasslands); Nobel International School Algarve (Oceans).

Five O Castro students were selected by their Geography Teacher, Mr Mole to take part. They had to research the importance of, threats to, and possible solutions for managing their biome in a sustainable way. With some guidance from Mr Hill, the pupils attended a series of workshops and prepared a presentation. Pupils presented their findings to a group of students called “World Leaders” who then decided which biome should recieve the most funding to protect it. The event tested the students collaborative, computing and debating skills.

It was great fun and the students really enjoyed meeting other young people and experts from the WWF.

15 / 05 / 20