Science in Year 4

Science plays a very important role in our curriculum from the first day of school. Among the skills that this subject allows us to develop are the observation of phenomena in the natural world, identification of questions arising from these observations, the investigation and formulation of hypotheses that promotes scientific investigation to resolve these questions and finally drawing conclusions to further extend our understanding of the natural world.

Therefore, our Year 4 pupils (the equivalent of Primary 3 in the Spanish education system) are already taking their first steps into the fascinating world of Chemistry, learning about the different States of Matter through fun experiments.

The 4A pupils have been investigating how liquids change shape when transferred into plastic containers of different shapes and dimensions. The 4B class were really captivated by the process of sugar crystal growth. They were to investigate how materials change when heated and cooled. During their experiment, they discussed the change of state from solid to liquid and were able to identify the gas in their investigation – now they just have to wait for their crystals to grow!
And 4C focused on demonstrating how particles move in each of the states of matter and how close or far they can be from each other. The children had great fun combining their science knowledge with a PE lesson!

28 / 01 / 21