Last week and after barely two months of rehearsals, our young artists performed their first show…. Live!

Such an important event needed an overwhelming stage… what a better place but our Radio Station. During the broadcasting of a special program – Radio Rebel – our young orchestra performed two songs under the direction of Mrs. Helen Burr, aided by a distinguished interpreter Mrs. Ruth Payne.

Before the performance, Mrs. Helen underwent a friendly interrogation conducted by our daring reporters!

We learnt that our music teacher started playing the piano as a child: “I approached the piano when I was three … I started playing at six.” After Mrs. Helen completed her studies she played in several orchestras, including the Auckland Philharmonic, working with great artists, such as Pavarotti or Diana Krall….

She shared with us many more things… that you will know if you listen to our Radio broadcast!

13 / 10 / 14