Six Y9 and Y10 students from O Castro British School went last week to St. George´s English School in Bilbao, with our dear teachers María Guyre and Paul Horstead, to take part in NACE’s III Academic Olimpics, a multicultural event that aims to improve their academic and personal development.

This edition gathered 70 students from different nationalities belonging to different NACE schools in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Baleares islands, Andorra, France and England. As well as testing their knowledge and boost their language skills, they improve their creativity, independent thinking, the will to improve, the team work and the social responsibility.

In the multidisciplinar competition, the teams had to show and share their knowledge of literature, maths, IT, general knowledge, technology and science, being English the main language.

Furthermore, they also tested their orientation skills, in a gymkana where they had to find different points in Bilbao’s Old Town in a certain amount of time.

Cooper team registered the top punctuation and was awarded in the schools Assembly Room, in an event that also counted with the presence of all the Head Teachers of NACE schools.

Congratulations to everyone!

04 / 12 / 17