OCBS students travel to Rome to participate in the NACE Academic Olympics Schools

Six students of Year 9 and Year 10 of O Castro British School traveled this week to Rome accompanied by our beloved teachers Maria Guyre and Joe Pedreira to participate in the IV Academic Olympics of NACE Schools.

The NACE Academic Olympics is one of the most enriching and fun multicultural events for our students: they can discover a wonderful city full of history and meet young people from other NACE schools in Spain and other countries, such as Italy, France or England.

Our students will have to test their knowledge and boost their linguistic skills, without neglecting creativity, independent thinking, the spirit of self-improvement, teamwork and social responsibility.

In total, more than seventy students from different countries, languages and cultures working and learning together and sharing their knowledge in literature, mathematics, information technology, general culture, technology and science, with English as the vehicular language. What an experience!

29 / 11 / 18