O Castro British School holds its Sport Days, divided by stages

In these past few weeks, sports became even more important than they already are in our school, with the celebration of our Sport days, a very well consolidated activity in O Castro British School that, due to logistic reasons, we celebrated by stages.

Early Years

The school’s youngest ones could practice and show their parents the skills they learnt throughout the year during the P.E. lessons. They had to pass a very funny circuit in which the ability, the balance, the aim, the coordination and the fellowship played the most important role. Although the families had their moment too!


Last Thursday, we held KS1’s sports day and we had a fantastic afternoon. KS1 enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of fun and team sports, such as hurdle races, egg races, relay races or hockey, apart from some wonderful dancing and singing performances. It was really tight, but finally Oxford won. Well done Oxford!


KS2 events were organized around six sports – javaline, hurdle race, hockey drible, speed race, long jump races, catching a tennis ball- and a long distance relay race. The results were really tight. In Y5 and Y6, Durham won only by 2 points whilst in Y3 and Y4, York was the winning house by just 3 points.


The students in KS3 celebrated their Sports Day in the CUVI premises, being athletism the star sport, with 100 metre and 400 metre runs and 4X100 relay races, plus the ultimate frisbee, basketball and the well known handkerchief relay race. Oxford was the winning house in Y7, Cambridge in Y8 and York in Y9, although in the teachers were the winners of the relay race this year!

Congratulations to you all and see you next year!

07 / 06 / 18