O Castro British School sponsors the XI Memorial Genaro Borrás

O Castro British School joins the sponsorship of one of the key sports dates of the Vigo calendar, such as the Genaro Borrás Tennis Memorial. The tournament is held between July 14 and 21 at the Club de Campo de Vigo and brings together 240 registered from throughout Galicia, 175 of which will compete in the youth categories.

A key element of the vision of O Castro British School is to build a supportive and inclusive community that enriches our students in particular and contributes to improving the environment that surrounds us. It is for this reason that we have decided to bet on those initiatives that put in value some of our basic principles and our way of understanding Education in its broadest sense.

And the fact is that sport is a fundamental pillar in the British curriculum and in our school, so the practice of sports among the smallest and family is, in our view, something very enriching and an angular piece of our CSR policy.

Therefore, through the support of this type of initiatives we want to reiterate our commitment to sport as a habit of healthy life from the childhood and, especially, as an essential complement for the full development of children and the transmission of values that we consider fundamental, such as effort, spirit of solidarity and sacrifice, tenacity or sportsmanship, among others.

13 / 07 / 18