O Castro British School hosts Vigo’s 1st School Debate event

We are very proud to inform you that next Saturday, 9th of June, our premises will hold a unique forum in the region: the 1st school debate event, organized by WEDU Educación&Sociedad and with our school as its main sponsor.

The 1st school debate event will hold 14 teams formed by boys and girls aged 11 to 16 from different schools and groups of Vigo and its metropolitan area who will show their rhetoric and argumentation skills, discussing current topics. Furthermore, this children will be able to share there and then with their families the amazing experience of debating.

Apart from the discusions themselves, that will follow the parliament model, the event will also have other on going activities, where the visitors will be able to learn more about the exciting world of the oral expression, the critical thinking, assertive listening or how to make a speech, all of these basic habilities and skills in life.

Within the next few days we will be updating the information regarding all the activities expected in the program. However, the participants can already look up and download the rules and the topics for the debate in the WEDU Sociedad&Educación web or, if you prefer, directly from the following links:

Please, don’t forget to check all the information about the rules, where to get the enrolment form and the permission slip that you will need to provide in order to be able to take part in the event, as well as the speech times and the criteria followed by the judges, amongst other useful information.

If you need further information or wish to participate in the 1st school debate event, please send an e-mail to wedu@wedu.pro or phone 886 129 214.

Welcome and good luck to all the participants!

20 / 04 / 18