The conference also counts on the participation of Nathan Parry, O Castro British School Head Teacher, who is giving a lecture on the importance of knowing how to listen to our children. Paul Horstead, O Castro British School Secondary Deputy Head Teacher, is to deal with the importance of using our children’s school grades to help them and not to judge them.

Keith Bailey, O Castro British School Primary Deputy Head Teacher, is giving a stimulating lecture entitled: “TALKING ABOUT TABOOS”. In the information society, some subjects still remain a taboo with regard to our children. These key topics, such as sexuality, religion or death, are important to help our children understand the world. This lecture will give us the keys to talk about such topics fearlessly. Thus, help our children understand them without anxiety or stress.

In addition to the lectures, our talented ukulele band, UKE & The Leles, will enliven the event with their performance. On closing, there will be a reception for all attendees where they will be able to chat and reflect about what matters most to us: our children’s education.

15 / 03 / 17