O Castro British School launches a new solidarity initiative within its Corporate Social Responsibility, together with the NGO SOGAPS (Solidaridade Galega co Pobo Saharawi) [Galician Solidarity with Sahrawi people] to collaborate with the campaign ‘Holidays in Peace 2016’.

For years, the initiative of this NGO has allowed for more than 300 Sahrawi children aged 9 to 13, from the desert of Tindouf in Algeria, enjoy the summer months in Galicia. Thus, the children avoid the high temperatures that typically occur in their refugee camps during the months of July and August.

The aim of this initiative is for families to participate actively in this campaign by SOGAPS. For this reason, O Castro British School would like to call for help on behalf of Sahrawi people, not only among the families of the school but also among the families in the region of Vigo.

Likewise, the only British school in the province of Pontevedra launches a fundraising campaign until the end of the school year. The funds collected at school will be used entirely for paying the plane tickets for the Sahrawi children. This issue is of vital importance this year as the airline now requires paying the plane tickets to Galicia in advance, unlike in previous years when the payment of the tickets was allowed afterwards.

O Castro British School invites all interested people to join this good cause and collaborate with SOGAPS. For further information about the NGO, call 986 262 637, send an email to asociacionsogaps@yahoo.es or visit the headquarters of the NGO on 57, Gregorio Espino Street, ground floor, in Vigo.

07 / 06 / 16