O Castro British School bet for Oratory for the little ones

They are just 8 and 9 years old, they attend the last years of primary school but they are very clear about it: they want to learn to defend their ideas and to speak in public. And that is the objective of TOI, the Children’s Oratory Workshop that has started this academic year and with which O Castro British School completes its offer of extracurricular activities.

The TOI methodology is totally playful. Through games and fun dynamics, every Monday from 16.20 to 17.30, students develop their emotional intelligence, critical thinking, work cooperation, tolerance, empathy, deepen the explanation and exposure of their ideas, active listening and, of course, discover all their potential to speak in public and debate.

With the help pf WEDU Sociedad&Educación, a company that provides oratory and creativity activities in the school, we are committed to giving voice to all ideas, for which throughout the course they will work on essential aspects of both verbal and non-verbal communication, highlighting its importance and its usefulness in the personal, academic and professional field.

The little sister of IOD

After the success of IOD (Investigation, Oratory and Debate), more and more parents and students of the school demanded an activity of oratory directed to the students of primary school. This is how TOI (Children’s Oratory Workshops) was born, an out-of-school program that will allow children in the last grades of primary school to prepare themselves and establish essential communication bases so that they can develop them in secondary school through their own school discussion format.

01 / 10 / 18