The first day of school

There is nothing left for that day that so many nerves and illusion has generated in recent weeks, especially the smallest of the house. The first day of school is a very special day, especially for Nursery students and families. In order to make it as easy as possible for everyone, we leave you some tips that we hope will help you to face that great day.

Although we know that saying goodbye the first day of class is not easy, neither for the little ones nor for the older ones, try not to prolong that moment excessively. Children perceive the feelings and emotions of adults, so take advantage of that circumstance and transfer enthusiasm and ilusion for the new stage they are going to start.

The tiredness among the smallest of the school is habitual, especially during the first days of class. But do not worry, with a little more attention when you get home and more rest than usual will be ready to face a new day.

After the school day, sometimes they will want to talk and talk about everything they have done and other times, they will be quieter. Asking specific questions can help you discover what they have done at school. But the most important thing is that you celebrate the achievements of your children as it happen, it will help them to strive more to reach their next goal! And remember, each child is unique and develops differently and in different times than the rest of their peers.

Welcome to O Castro British School!

25 / 08 / 19