Thank you letter from Mr. Paul Horstead, KS3 Coordinator.


“Well Done O Castro!!!

Having spent time with schools and charities in Nepal, you can only imagine the pain of not being able to help when many friends are stranded and scared in Nepal! However, thankfully all my personal friends and contacts are safe! Which is more than I can say about the schools I’ve visited on behalf of The British School, Kathmandu!!!

Shocking and upsetting are too soft of words to explain the true destruction the earthquake caused and how many life’s it has affected. So organising this non uniform event was truly close to my heart and to raise over 5000 euros was astonishing and will be very well received in Nepal.

Our school should be very proud of it self in our support for this project to help rebuild schools and help local communities through the British School Kathmandu. Obviously it will take a while, probably years to rebuild all schools, communities and infrastructure, but we at O Castro will continue to support our friends at the British School!

Thank you so much everyone, if you wish to find out any more about this project; please do not hesitate to contact me.”

18 / 05 / 15