The Margarita Cal Library, which is an everlasting tribute to our beloved teacher, contains more than 3,800 volumes. Thanks to the great work of our librarian, Ms Cristina, any student can easily find a book to match their interests and age. The school library contains a wide range of books suitable for students of all ages: from the first reading books to quantum books, all of them sorted by genre and age.

Books for learning about the human body, nature or the animal kingdom, interactive books, children’s storybooks, short stories, classics of world literature, history, geography, art or even sport books are just some examples of the type of books that can be found at O Castro British School library.

The library is a space that offers a quiet and calm atmosphere. Our younger students use the library for their reading sessions with their teachers and our secondary students use it for reference or study purposes.

In addition to English, Galician and Spanish books, the user will find that our library is an ideal place to enjoy free time during school hours. There are eight listening stations and a variety of guessing games, board games, puzzles, checkers or chess sets.

10 / 05 / 17