Come to the Science Fair!

Science, creativity and inventiveness invade our classrooms so that families can enjoy a different, fun and very instructive day. On Saturday, March 7, from 10 to 3 pm. The entrance is free. Are you going to miss it?

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More than one dozen activities

O Castro British School will hold on Saturday, March 7 from 10 to 3 pm, a new edition of its Science Fair, an event for families in which the School is transformed into a theme park with science as the protagonist. More than one dozen workshops and activities to enjoy and learn in family. Creative electronics, virtual reality, ethical hacking, childhood escapism, raffle of gifts and many more surprises. In addition, we have dining service, with children’s menu and gluten-free!

Science for the youngest ones

The Science Fair at Castro British School is a day to enjoy and live in family. For this reason, we have designed a series of activities especially aimed at the youngest ones (+ 2 years of age). “Building my world”, a workshop of introduction to architecture for children in which you can play while learning to build, as well as working their space and manipulative skills. “Air rockets construction”, a very fun introduction to astronautics for the little ones. Also you can delve into the world of electronics and programming through “Youth Makers”.


Activities for the eldest ones

There are activities for all tastes and all ages. The talk “Hacker Factory” is an excellent way to introduce the youngest in the world of programming and raise awareness about the importance of computer security and data protection. Augmented and Virtual Reality will also be at the Science Fair, although introduction workshops to AI. Scientific research will be presented in different formats, through molecular Master Chef, where we will discover the fascinating interaction between science and cooking or a workshop inspired on CSI.


Escapism for children

In recent years, the Escape Rooms have become a whole social phenomenon, but not always accessible to children. In the Escape Room “Paths of Science” Santiago’s Cathedral is degrading so fast for unknown reasons. Do you want to help us to solve the problem?

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