Come and find out more about our educational project between 17th to 20th February

Do you still not know the British Educational system?  At O Castro British School we open doors to our students future. Come to our Open Days Week –between 17th and 21st of February- and find out more about our educational model.

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Open Days Week

O Castro British School is the first British School in Galicia and in the city and the only one that offers all education stages, from 3 years old (Early Years) to University (18 years old). We kindly invite you to find out more about our educational project, our methodology and its main features. Come to our Open Days Week between 17th and 21st of February, from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

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Why choose a British School?

The quality and prestige of the british education system is respected and recognized worldwide. Its curriculum, the National Curriculum of England, is specially designed to respond to the specific needs of each child, through a wide range of learning experiences, which motivate and stimulate students and identify their own talents.

Our goal: to encourage and nurture the students’ desire to learn, with particular emphasis being placed on the development of learning skills and of critical thinking, which encourages our students to question everything that surrounds them. Our students learn to actively seek answers to their own questions. British Examination certificates – The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A-Levels (Advanced Levels) – the most prestigious qualifications and allow access to the most distinguished universities worldwide.


Academic Excellence

Educational excellence is a key element of the British system and this ideal extends beyond purely academic achievement. The British curriculum encourages young people to interact with and explore the world around them, to think independently and form their own points of view, and to respect and communicate intelligently with others. Students are taught how to solve problems, how to work effectively as part of a team and how to think critically and creatively, essential skills that they will take with them into the workplace. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom; cultural events, activities and trips form an integral part of the curriculum, and pupils are encouraged to engage in work experience, and to become socially responsible and ethically aware individuals.


Double curriculum

O Castro British School, the first British school in Galicia and Vigo to teach all educational stages, offers an international and comprehensive educational project. Its curriculum includes the National Curriculum of England, the Spanish curriculum and the Cambridge Curriculum. Recognized by the British Council, accredited by the NABSS (Association of British Schools in Spain), approved by the Xunta de Galicia and, since 2014, it is the only Cambridge School in Galicia. Likewise, the General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the A-levels are the most prestigious secondary qualifications in the world, giving access to the most illustrious universities.



O Castro British School was founded in September 2012 and was designed to meet the high standards expected of today’s international private schools. The school buildings incorporate energy-efficient facilities and classrooms, constructed with environmental conservation in mind, and the school is set in grounds of 33,000 m2, with excellent connections to surrounding areas. The school buildings are modern, bright and spacious, and have been carefully designed to meet each pupil’s educational and social needs, both in terms of academic performance and extracurricular activities. Our students have access to ICT rooms, science labs, two libraries, a rock studio, a ballet studio, recreational and wooded areas, nature classrooms, a psychomotor skills suite, a 2,000 m2 sports centre, basketball and tennis courts, and a multi-purpose artificial grass pitch for rugby, football, cricket and hockey.


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