Extracurricular Activities

O Castro British School runs a full programme of extracurricular activities, which is specially designed to complement the mainstream curriculum and which provides opportunities for all of our students to develop their talents to the full. Every child is unique and has different talents and abilities; with more than 40 different activities on offer, our extracurricular programme provides something for everyone! Activities are divided into three main groups: Academic, Sporting and Artistic & Creative, and are available for children aged from 4 to 16. The School also offers an extended hours service in the afternoons.

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Academic Activities

Students are provided with opportunities to help them complete, extend or complement the work they do in the main curriculum. Robotics, Videogame design, Languages, 3D Design and App Development, Research & Debate and Public Speaking are just some of the activities on offer.


Artistic and Creative Activities

We offer a wide range of creative and artistic activities for all age groups including: Singing & Percussion, Art Club, Arts & Crafts, Circus skills, Bright Minds, Comedy Club, Comic book illustration, Newspaper, Advanced Drawing, Reading Club….. Endless possibilities for our students to develop their artistic talents, self-expression and creative skills.



Our students are offered an extensive programme of sporting activities to encourage them to develop their physical, social and cognitive skills and to reinforce their Education in Values. Sport fosters personal and shared values such as self-confidence, companionship, concentration, respect and teamwork, and physical skills such as balance, speed, stamina, agility and coordination. The extracurricular activities on offer include: football, rugby, tennis, skating, judo, surfing, horse riding, chess, ballet, Spanish dance, rhythmic gymnastics and fitness, inter alia.



“We believe Sport are necessary  as an educational way for the full development of personality thanks to the values ​​and skills that it fosters, such as teamwork, leadership, respect and equality.

Both the Physical Education classes and the Extracurricular Activities offer a fun and healthy practice where students can express their talent within the wide variety of possibilities we offer.

In addition, O Castro has modern facilities including a state-of-the-art synthetic grass field, a ballet room with floating platform, mirrors and its own locker room and a sports pavilion with grandstand that guarantee the means for an excellent sport practice . We also have highly qualified coaches who have played in reference clubs in the city, such as Celta de Vigo, Club Maniotas de Gimnasia, Universidade de Vigo Rugby or Coruxo FC Patinaxe.

At O Castro British School we are committed to a quality sport with the aim of preparing our students for the future.”

Mauro González

Head of PE and ECA

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Aviso Legal