Next Friday, 4th March, at 7 pm, O Castro British School will organise the 3rd Conference on British Education in the Auditorium of Afundación, located at 26, Policarpo Sanz Street in Vigo.

Javier Urra, the keynote speaker of the conference, will offer a fascinating lecture entitled, “Educar para un mundo pequeño y global” [Educating for a Small Global World]. In the lecture, he will discuss the changes in time and space in the educational field, how borders are dissolved and how social migration is produced, a circumstance which demands unity in diversity.

Urra will also address the risks of fanaticism, the barrage of information and how, in spite of that, there is a significant lack of culture and knowledge; a circumstance in which the critical capacity, ethical dilemmas, existential approaches, and the risks of living with oneself and others, are of vital importance.

This program will also include a talk by Jane Williams entitled, “Teaching for Lifelong Learners”, in which she will examine the topic of the conference. The Head Teacher

02 / 03 / 16