Infant Education in the British educational system

At O Castro British School we follow the education system of the United Kingdom, a curriculum specially designed to provide students with an understanding of the current world and the great challenges of the 21st century, with personalization and the promotion of research and critical thinking. as key pieces of your educational project from the earliest childhood.

Early Years, or Infanti Education in the Spanish system, is a key period in the educational process, in which the foundations of the rest of the training processes are established. Our students learn by playing, build relationships and experience through different practical activities. Motor skills (the relationship between cognitive function and physical movement), English, music and sports are an important part of this stage.

English language immersion is a distinctive feature of our curriculum. Our students learn to speak English through play, music, art and other activities, while developing a positive attitude towards other languages ​​and cultures. This circumstance helps them to grow as the unique and unrepeatable individuals they are, and it guides them in the early stages of their lives. The learning of Spanish is incorporated in Early Years in Reception.

A close and fluent relationship in the home and school is essential. Therefore, from the first years of schooling we work hand in hand with families to guide our students through their academic journey. Our students grow up happy, in a family environment and surrounded by a great team of professionals who seek to cultivate the passion to never stop learning.

Our educational approach makes even the youngest of the house be happy that it is Monday.

13 / 08 / 19