Online end-of-the-year House Festival

The Coronavirus pandemic did not prevent O Castro British School from holding its traditional, end of term, House competition, this time online. Every student, each representing their respective House, had to take part in ten online activities, rotating from one to the other every thirty minutes. Each one of them had the name of one of the protagonists of “La Casa de Papel”, so students did not know what they were going to find in each activity or with which teachers until they turned up.
What better way to say goodbye to this very unusual school year? Creative, analytical or linguistic challenges; every student had the option of playing to their strengths. Education with a small “e” and Fun with a capital “F” were the perfect combination to wish all students a well-deserved summer holiday.

Riddles, challenging challenges about politics and economics, creativity with pictozoom, technology with magic squares, physical activities such as juggling, throwing and dancing, … a day of fun, fellowship and friendship to end the term, which ended with a narrow victory for Oxford House.
A very happy summer to all!

16 / 07 / 20